With the Jewish Theater of Austria

The Jewish Theater of Austria is the first company of its kind in Austria since 1938. It has served for more than twelve years as a platform for intercultural dialogue and the demystification of the unfamiliar through artistic exploration.

We are presently seeking the participation of dedicated volunteers in diverse fields of training!

As a Volunteer with the Jewish Theater of Austria working closely with the company′s Core team, you will have the opportunity to be actively involved during a decisive phase in the development and/or presentation of diverse creative projects.

Internships are presently offered in the following fields:
• Office and event management
• Dramaturgy and research
• Translation
• Financial planning
• Marketing and PR
• Light and sound technology
• Photography and graphic design
• Video editing
We seek highly motivated individuals with organizational skills, a serious interest in learning, and appreciation for the work of the Jewish Theater of Austria. Sociability, stress resistance, attention to detail, and language and communication skills are also important.

Starting dates: Ongoing
Duration: Flexible, but generally totaling approx. 180 hours
Hours: Flexible, 10 hours/week minimum

Internship is a volunteer position, which involves a "learning by doing" approach to training. Financial support is not available.

Please send your application, along with CV and a comprehensive personal statement by email to:

internship (at)
Att.: Matthias Asboth
Re.: Internship - Field(s) of interest

Jewish Theater of Austria
Kandlgasse 6, A- 1070 Vienna
Tel.: +43 (1) 319 96 19
Schatzi; Photo: D. Mendl
Background, Left to right: Kathi, Moritz, Daniel, Christoph, Monique, David; Foreground, left to right: Bruno, Günther; Photo: M. Pramatarov
Matthias; Photo: D. Mendl
Sven; Photo: M. Pramatarov
Michi; Photo: D. Mendl
Miriam, Petra, and Elisabeth with a guest from laboraTORIA (Moscow); Photo: J. Tscharyiski
Anna, Maria, Daniel, Christoph; Photo: Seb
Daniel; Photo: M. Pramatarov
Emily; Photo: D. Mendl
Maria and Jorghi
Ulrike and Petra
Caro and Judith
Karin; Photo: M. Pramatarov
Moritz; Photo: D. Mendl
David; Photo: M. Pramatarov
Conny; Photo: M. Pramatarov
Tikun Olam Festival Team; From left to right: Judith, Petra, Caro, Miriam, Ulrike, Martin, Sonja, Warren, Bert, Susan, and Jorghi
Kathi; Photo: M. Pramatarov
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