With the Jewish Theater of Austria

The Jewish Theater of Austria is the first company of its kind in Austria since 1938. It has served for more than eleven years as a platform for intercultural dialogue and the demystification of the unfamiliar through artistic exploration.

We are presently seeking assistance in the - in Vienna - young field of fundraising!

As an independent theater company that is not supported by the Vienna Department of Culture, the Jewish Theater of Austria works with private and institutional sponsors. Fundraising is an important part of the company′s daily activity.

We seek the participation of dedicated, creative teammates who possess excellent communication, research, and organizational skills!
1. Voluntary Internship
• If you wish to learn and develop skills relevant to fundraising in the arts, this is a chance to get a head start in a rapidly emerging professional field.
• If you want to apply your communication skills to support freedom in the arts, cultural diversity, and serious reflection on 20th Century history, this is an opportunity to make a valuable contribution to society.

2. Professional Assistance
Do you already have knowledge and experience in this field that you wish to apply to the success of the independent work of the Jewish Theater of Austria?
If you are creative, ambitious, and wish to help establish politically independent art and free expression in Vienna, let us know! Payment on a commission basis.

Please send your application, along with CV and a comprehensive personal statement by email to:
internship (at)
Att.: Mag. Matthias Asboth or to
2. thewindow (at)
Subject: Fundraising

Thank you for your interest!

Jewish Theater of Austria
Kandlgasse 6, A- 1070 Vienna
Tel.: 01 319 96 19
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