Alexandra Reill

Alexandra Reill: 1985-1995 set and costume design for stage and film. 2001 S.P.I.N.Y., an interactive drama. 2003 Save/Safe: borderlining as a symptom of contemporary conditioning, Deserts & Backbones: religion and free will. 2004 founding of THARA, first competence center for Gypsies and Sinti in Vienna. Films and interactive installations on time and space. 2006-2008 Art Following the Trend? Artists′ Voices: interviews and a study on the functions of artists in society. 2008 Would We Say No?: participatory installation reflecting attitudes toward work in faschist times, past and present, in cooperation with shops and restaurants in the 7th District of Vienna. 2008 Home Sweet Home: documentary film and [auto]biographic tracking of faschist traits in four post-war generations of a "majority society" in Vienna. 2008 Nelkengasse: a documentary film and portrait of Heinz Moldau who was forced to flee with his family from Nelkengasse in Vienna in 1938.

Website: kanonmedia
Photo: Thomas Koenigshofer
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