(Not Here Anymore...)

A theatrical tribute to Abish Meisels (1896-1959) and the destroyed and, still today, suppressed Jewish theater in Vienna

With Inge Maux, Caroline Koczan,
Florian Schäfer (piano), and others

Conceived and Directed by
Warren Rosenzweig

Based on texts by
Abisch Meisels, Ruth Schneider,
and Warren Rosenzweig

Musical Direction: Florian Schäfer
Choreography: Dalyla Rami

The opening event of the annual cultural festival of the 7th District of Vienna under the motto "Contra/Thinking"
May 19, 2005 at the British Council
Siebensterngasse 21, 1070 Vienna

"When I heard that the Israeli PEN Club and the Yiddish PEN Club in New York and London were boycotting the 27th Congress, because it took place in Vienna – the "culpable city" – I felt like a traitor, although the real purpose of my visit was to learn about the fate of my friends of the Viennese theater. I went to all the places where they had lived and the only reply I received was "Not here anymore." For every step, for every question, the same answer. "What happened to the famous library of the Jewish Community? The schools? Synagogues? What about the big Rothschild Hospital," and so on. "Not here anymore" was the answer…"
- Abisch Meisels

Across borders, across land and sea
That great disgrace had followed me
that the great and splendid Fatherland
had slain its own dead with its own hand...

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