Press - March 13, 2007

Experience Helps to Repair the World

International Jewish theater presents a plethora of cultural viewpoints in a great diversity of languages and spans, thematically, from the examination of history to perspectives of the future.
The month of March provides an occasion to learn about Jewish culture. For the first time a festival and world congress of international Jewish theatre is taking place in Vienna under the title "TIKUN OLAM - Repair the World". At the same time a conference "Vienna and the Jewish experience" will provide valuable insights into the history and current status of research into Judaism.

TIKUN OLAM – Repair the World

The motto of the festival with the unusual sounding name TIKUN OLAM is an “appeal to repair what has been broken”. From 18 to 24 March the Austrian Jewish Theatre directed by Warren Rosenzweig will be presenting an extensive program in cooperation with the Association for Jewish Theatre (AJT), which will be holding its annual world congress in Vienna from 20 to 23 March. The events include guided tours of Jewish Vienna, theatrical readings, performances by international theatre professionals, acting workshops and talks, discussions and kosher dinners with music. Some sessions of the congress will be open to the public.

Theatrical variety

According to the organizers, the aim of the festival and congress, which will be attended by over 100 theatre professionals from all over the world, will be to profile the contemporary relevance and dynamism of Jewish theatre, which is global theatre dealing with issues ranging from art and social criticism to politics and religion. The forms of artistic expression also range from language-based work to theatre of movement with music.

One particular theme this year connected with the venue will be an investigation of the Austrian Jewish theatre scene, which disappeared when the Nazis came to power in 1938.

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