with Katrin Hammerl and Jorghi Pol

A Docudrama of Our Times

by Anna Stein and
the Administration of the NSDAP in Vienna

Surprise Premiere on Nov. 11, 2005 in the Nestroyhof (the first Jewish Theater performance in the Nestroyhof since 1938 - despite everything)

For our Second Republic of Austria
on the occasion of its 50th Birthday
60 years after the end of WWII

(Scene: Vienna. It is the premiere of a visiting performance in the stolen Jewish Theater in the Nestroyhof. Outside the theater it is rumored that the Nestroyhof was “Aryanized” by the same family that continues to occupy it today and it is said that there are fresh swastikas on some of the interior walls. Inside the theater, there is silence. It is forbidden to speak the family name of the landlords. It is forbidden to raise the issue of the family’s Nazi past out loud. It is forbidden to mention their swastika collection in the basement. The performance is about to begin, as SPIRIT I, in the uniform of a concentration camp prisoner, appears from the audience, which it addresses)

SPIRIT I: I am Anna Stein – This is my house! Enough with the exploitation! I pronounce sentence on the thieving family Polsterer!

(SPIRIT II, in the uniform of a high-ranking SS-Officer, appears from the audience, which it addresses)

SPIRIT II: It has come to our knowledge that the brothers Polsterer are interested not only to obtain the Nestroyhof, but in the acquisition of numerous Jewish residential buildings as well. Since the Anschluss with Germany, the brothers Polsterer have been exceptionally generous with their contributions to the NSDAP. From a political perspective, there is no cause for concern.

SPIRIT I: I pronounce sentence on Alfred Polsterer!

SPIRIT II: The named Party Member belongs to the NSDAP under the number 8,495.730 and is also the member of various other party organizations. P. A. Polsterer Alfred is highly sympathetic to the Party and endorses its ideas. He is most generous with contributions and is on the best possible path to show his faith in the ideals of National Socialism. I see no objection to his engagement as an officer. Heil Hitler!

SPIRIT I: I pronounce sentence on Ludwig Polsterer!

SPIRIT II: Ludwig Polsterer supports the National Socialist state, is generous with his financial contributions, and is member of the German Labour Front and the National Socialist Society of Social Welfare. Heil Hitler!

SPIRIT I: I pronounce sentence on Richard Polsterer!

SPIRIT II: Since the change of leadership, Richard Polsterer has supported the Party with financial contributions and has also joined the NSV and the DAF. Nothing politically unfavorable is known about him. Heil Hitler!

SPIRIT I: I pronounce sentence on Rudolf Polsterer!

SPIRIT II: Polsterer Rudolf declared his readiness to work for the good of the National Socialist cause immediately following the change of leadership and is currently the member of several related organizations. Heil Hitler!

SPIRIT I: I pronounce sentence on Ernst Polsterer!

SPIRIT II: The views of the named individual are good and his children, who are with the Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls, are being appropriately raised and educated as National Socialists. He is generous with his contributions, of quiet disposition, and has a good reputation. Heil Hitler!

(SPIRIT II disappears again into the audience)

SPIRIT I: I pronounce sentence on the heirs of the Polsterer brothers – They appropriated my house through injustice. The Jewish Art Theater and Jewish culture flowered in these halls until the time of my murder. I hereby call upon the Polsterer Family to return this theater – I, Anna Stein, will not rest again until this has been done. Wipe your swastikas off the walls and let my house live again!

(67 leaves of paper, each containing the manuscript of the 2-minute play, come fluttering down from the glass ceiling above the auditorium. SPIRIT I disappears again into the audience)


Who are the Polsterers?
Geist I

Geist II

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