The Jewish Theater of Austria presents



A new documentary film by Alexandra Reill
52 minutes, in German

Conceived and Directed by Alexandra Reill
Camera: Thomas Königshofer, Alexandra Reill
kanonmedia Films, Vienna 2008

Tuesday November 11, 2008, 8 pm
Admiral Kino, 1070 Vienna, Burggasse 119

Greetings and Introduction:
Thomas Blimlinger,
President of the District of Vienna Neubau
Warren Rosenzweig

Following the screening,
a public discussion with:

Filmmaker Alexandra Reill
Eva Brenner, Projekt Theater Studio Wien
Warren Rosenzweig

Moderation: Ulli Fuchs, Project Coordinator
Remembering for the Future
(Erinnern für die Zukunft)

Admission: 7 Euros

HOME SWEET HOME is the [auto]biographic tracking of fascist history inherited by Viennese mainstream society following the Second World War. As a child of the first post-war generation who was raised in Vienna in the 60’s and 70’s, filmmaker Alexandra Reill compares the evidence discovered in her own family history with the memories of other children of the first four post-war generations of the “society of majority”.

What myths of denial still exist, even today, in the identity of mainstream Austrian society? To what extent do they contribute to the collective conditioning of character, self-knowledge, daily experience, action, and memory? How are they represented by oral tradition in the family? How do four generations of the children of a war society, once overrepresented by the perpetrators of Nazi crime and opportunism, bear up to the responsibility of this dark legacy? What conditions are necessary to assume responsibility for history and its consequences today?

This link for press info (German) and photos.
Photos: Thomas Koenigshofer, Alexandra Reill, unbekannt; Fotomontage: Alexandra Reill

Photo: Thomas Koenigshofer

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