The Genesis and Second Coming
of the Jewish Theater of Austria

By Warren Rosenzweig

Acco, Chicago, Florence, Moscow,
Tel Aviv, Washington, D.C., Vienna

An intimate, personal recounting of the creation of the first Jewish Theater company in Austria since 1938; its social and aesthetic aims, its politically independent artistic activity, and its critical confrontation with “culture-political” non-transparency.

I went to my neighborhood pharmacy to buy a special-order mouthwash. I had a broken tooth and my gums were bleeding, but because it was Friday, I had to wait to see the dentist. I remarked that the mouthwash was expensive. My pharmacist replied that Austrians didn’t fuss about oral hygiene and added, “We in Austria believe that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I said, “I just want to prevent infection.” “But, you know,” she said, “nature has a way of taking care of these things by itself. Look at what happened to the Jews in the Ghettos of Poland during the Second World War. And they survived.”
Graphic: Levent Tarhan

Graphic: Levent Tarhan

Graphic: Levent Tarhan

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