Adolf who?

Who was Adolf Eichmann?

a) 19th Century German composer & lyricist
b) North American real estate magnate
c) Swiss poet and 1962 Nobel laureate
d) Founder of political Zionism
e) None of the above

For the correct answer, see Adolf who?,
a short video that was first shown at
The Window on December 14, 2009 on
the occasion of the 10th anniversary
of the Jewish Theater of Austria.

In December 2009, 70 years after the start
of WWII, the international festival "Culture
Capital of Europe Linz 2009" was drawing to
a close. Two Austrian students from the
"hometown of the Führer" pursue the
question, "Who was Adolf Eichmann?" in
public interviews in front of the house
where Eichmann was raised...

This is the first installment in a series of
new videos by the Jewish Theater of Austria
on themes of Austrian self-awareness.

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