4 One-Act Plays by Alter Brody

Staged Readings in German

Sunday, November 14, 2010, 7 pm

Or Chadasch

Robertgasse 2, 1020 Vienna

Inge Maux

Stephanie Fürstenberg

Florentin Groll

Introduction: Harry Kuhner
Translations by Ilse Zelenka
Directed by Warren Rosenzweig

The Holy Ledger

The Jew

Like a mad accountant

Trying to make sense out of a senseless ledger

Balancing the Holy Scriptures of his life

With double entry bookkeeping.

With good and with evil.

With reward and with punishment.

Juggling, the accounts

To make debit and credit meet.

To cover up

The latest overdraft on his agony.

But sometimes

In a moment of revulsion

In a moment of insidious sanity

He flings down his pen,

Calling God himself to account.

For the terrible, impossible, inexcusable

Entries in his book.
Alter Brody

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