Glass, Stones and Courage

Commemoration with an Eye to the Future

The Window, November 9, 2010

Theater arts funding in Vienna is government centralized. Performance groups compete with each other for a hard pumping at the whorehouse of city sanctioned culture. At taxpayer′s expense, a condition of dependency between artist and politician is established that may continue for as long as the artist remains submissive. Ticket sales are of no consequence compared with "Vitamin B" - "B" for "Beziehung".(1) The annually replenished treasure chest is there to be squandered by party functionaries and politically adjusted artistic directors.

Subsidies for theaters, large and small, and for dependent groups, called "Freie Gruppen",
(2) are meted out according to a nondiscriminatory system of nepotism, censorship, political expedience: Government run, organized crime. Since professional theater in Vienna is nearly impossible without city and state support, cultural diversity on stage is discreetly regulated by politicians while free expression is effectively suppressed.

The first questions for the artistic director who wants to work: "Am I worthy of positive censorship?" "Does the Kulturpolitiker
(3) like me?" "Does my work conform?"

From Totem & Tabori,
The Genesis and Second Coming of the Jewish Theater of Austria

(1) Relationship
(2) Free Groups
(3) Culture Politician

This event was generously supported by:
Schloss Gobelsburg, Trzesniewski,
Akakiko, Siebensternbräu, and
Peter J. Fuchs - Direct Marketing
Warren Rosenzweig; Photo: B. Fenzl

Günther Schöller; Photo: B. Fenzl

Bronwynn & Warren; Photo: B. Fenzl

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