Oct. 9-10 / 5pm-5pm (CET)

Non-violent Revolution Game
Live at The Window, Kandlg. 6, 1070 Vienna
& via Livesconference & Livechat

Can genocide be stopped?
FreePlay is an interactive experiment,
24 hours, 5 pm - 5 pm (CET), Oct. 9-10∞ 2011.

To participate via Internet,
register now by email at
(include "Access Code" in the subject line).

You are invited to participate as a FreePlay "ambassador"!

FreePlay is a live audio conference and chat forum for discourse across geographical borders and timezones. Individuals of all ages and backgrounds may present their propositions, knowledge, opinions, and questions concerning genocide and how we may be able to use the Internet for its prevention.

All FreePlay ambassadors will be given the floor. Austrian experimental film maker Alexandra Reill, aka "Raphaela Lemkin," will moderate for the 24-hour discussion. She will also quote and improvise freely from Robert Skloot′s (see below) play about Raphael Lemkin If the Whole Body dies.... For practical reasons, Raphaela Lemkin will moderate in English, but ambassadors are welcome to choose their own languages.

1. Internet connection.
2. Headset (headphones and mike), or headphones and separate microphone.
3. Access code. To receive your access code, send an email with the words "Access Code" in the subject line to freeplay@jta.at no later than Thurs., Oct. 6, 7 pm CET.
4. You will need to participate in a brief technical test (5-15 min.) at 4 or 8 pm on Fri., Oct. 7.
5. Please be familiar with the basic ideas of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

Raphael Lemkin (1900 – 1959) was a Polish lawyer who escaped the Nazi terror and emigrated to the U.S. in 1941. In 1943 he coined the word "genocide" and became the first activist for its prevention. He worked tirelessly until the end of his life to help frame The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and to rally for its ratification by all member states of the UN. The Convention finally came into force 60 years ago, in 1951. Lemkin believed that with the enforcement of the Convention, genocide would become a thing of the past...

FreePlay is a cooperation with Österreichischer Auslandsdienst (Austrian Service Abroad), a non-profit initiative that provides young Austrians an alternative to national military service. In place of the standard nine-month military service, civil servants invest a full year at one of many partner organizations around the world in three different areas of emphasis: Holocaust memorial service, social service, and peace service. FreePlay will highlight the international experiences, reflections, and community spirit of these young intellectuals and is a chance for to share and exchange perspectives with them.

FreePlay has been made possible with the generous support of the district of Vienna Neubau and is part of its Autumn Festival of Vienna Neubau.

Use this link to request your access code via Facebook.
Raphael Lemkin

Cover, "If the Whole Body Dies..." (2006) by Robert Skloot

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