Sat., November 26, 7:30 pm
Das Kleine Wien TRIO

Benefit Concert at SheyksBar!
For De-centralized Art & Community

Jacek Obstarczyk, Jacek Stolarczyk, and Krzysztof Kokoszewski have been playing together for eight years. From the start, many things have contributed to their collaboration: football, Bielsko-Biała, and the beer "Zywiec" - but, above all, the ability to utterly captivate an audience.

Das Kleine Wien TRIO
Music, humor, fire, nostalgia & Substance!

Jacek Obstarczyk (Obstar) – is the expert for musical arrangements. He possesses rare musical imagination and draws upon his favorite styles, which range from classical to jazz to heavy metal.

Jacek Stolarczyk (Stoli) – is not only a brilliant instrumentalist, and a perfectionist, but also has the organizational talent without which the Trio would be utterly lost. Not just a man of ideas, he is the very essence of consequence.

Krzysztof Kokoszewski (Krzyœ) is the initiator of many of the Trio′s craziest ideas and not just when it comes to music! The showman from start to finish, it′s as a soloist that he truly soars.

Kokoszewski, Stolarczyk , and Obstarczyk - Das Kleine Wien Trio - form a bright constellation of stars that cast a creative shine on the firmament of heaven.

9 euros (incl. SheyksBar dues)
Free for SheyksBar Members!

thewindow (at)
+43 1 319 96 19


The Window
Kandlg. 6, 1070 Vienna

Preview The Window IN THE MAKING!
De-Centralized Art & Community
at Vienna′s most transparent venue!
Every weekend, Fri.-Sun., opening at 6 pm

Featuring the famous wines of Schloss Gobelsburg and The Window′s own exclusive beer! Music, Performance, Cinema, Art, Billiards, Internet, Library, Smoker′s Lounge, and much more!

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Das Kleine Wien TRIO

Das Kleine Wien TRIO

Das Kleine Wien TRIO

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