Loyter Naronim

Purim 5772 wtih ZWA VOITROTTLN
& Special Guest

THURSDAY, MARCH 8, 2012, 7:30 PM

The Window
Kandlgasse 6, 1070 Vienna

Don′t wait for the end of the world: Celebrate Purim this year with singer-songwriter duo, Zwa Voitrottln (Johannes Glück & Dieter Hörmann) and the glorious Tania Golden.

Zwa Voitrottln′s first album, "Hörglück" ("Listening Luck" - a sharp-witted conflation of the names "Glück" and Hörmann") will be released at online stores on March 8, 2012. Hear the album, live and unplugged, on Purim 5772 at The Window.

Listen, laugh, and drink until you can′t tell the difference between "cursed is Haman" and "blessed is Mordechai".

Celebrate the holiday spirit with music and art in the intimacy and comfort of Vienna′s most transparent venue! Fine wines of Schloss Gobelsburg, refreshments, snacks, and surprises. And, introducing, Sheyksbeer - the all new, "Brew of the Jew".

Dress Code: There is no dress code. Makeup and costume are advised. Cool prizes for Best Makeup, Best Costume, and...something else (we′re still working on it).

12 euros, 8 for members of SheyksBar

thewindow (at) jta.at
+43 1 319 96 19

 Event page at FB

Overnight YouTube sensation:
From 0 to 50,000 in the first 7 days, the trash music video „Fuck se Energiesparlampe“ (available at online music stores) - the international, smash hit of October 2011 on YouTube - has already reached more than 250,000 views. No one hates fluorescent light as much as Glück & Hörmann. Witness their mercilessly ruthless, remorselessly pitiless, implacably unforgiving, inexorably relentless, unremittingly inflexible, brutally unsympathetic, barbarously cutthroat and, above all, unconditionally unsparing, musical excoriation of the Energy Saving Light Bulb terror of our times.

"All our songs have a message" says Johannes Glück of Zwa Voitrottln. "We want to give something to our audience." "For example," explains Dieter Hörmann, "we want to give our phone number to groupies."

Zwa Voitrottln on YouTube

Zwa Voitrottln (Johannes Glück & Dieter Hörmann)

Zwa Voitrottln (Johannes Glück & Dieter Hörmann)

Zwa Voitrottln (Johannes Glück & Dieter Hörmann)

Tania Golden

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