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Simon Wiesenthal was born in Buczacz in 1908. He studied architectural engineering in Prague. In 1941 he has been arrested by the Nazi and survived 12 Concentration Camps. He was barely alive when an American armored unit liberated him in Mauthausen on May 5, 1945. Later, Wiesenthal began gathering and preparing evidence on Nazi atrocities for the War Crimes Section of the United States Army. He also worked for the Army┬┤s Office of Strategic Services and Counter-Intelligence Corps and headed the Jewish Central Committee of the United States Zone of Austria, a relief and welfare organization. Wiesenthal and thirty volunteers opened the Jewish Historical Documentation Center in Austria in and concentrated exclusively on the hunting of war criminals. Wiesenthal┬┤s book of memoirs, The Murderers Among Us, was published in 1967. His wife Cyla died on November 10, 2003.

Simon Wiesenthal died on September 20, 2005.
Simon Wiesenthal
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